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April 5, 2020

During the COVID-19 outbreak, many on the front lines work tireless hours. It makes it very difficult to get pets their full attention at home. Now, one luxury pet resort and doggy day care is saying “Thank you” by offering some relief.

“We know that the first responders, the nurses and the healthcare workers are working so hard during the day and they have pets and they come home and they’ve got those little blue eyes or those brown eyes and that wagging tail that says, ‘Hey, take me for a walk,'” said Denise Follett, of Brook-Falls Veterinary Hospital, Exotic Care and Luxury Pet and Doggy Day Care.

While first responders and health care workers fight the spread of COVID-19, Brook-Falls Pet Resort and Doggy Day Care shows appreciation by offering up to five either half or full days of free doggy daycare. The day is full of fun, games, and interaction for the pups.

“We know that it is a hard job, and we know what dedication it takes and so we identify with them and think that that would be the best way that we could help,” Follett said.

As those on the front lines take care of others, the staff takes care of their furry friends. The goal is to allow those emergency workers time to relax while making sure the animals get emotional support too.

“We want to be here to help them so do that we don`t come out three months from now or another month from now and we do have dogs with separation anxiety,” Follett said.

Staff members hope more people will take advantage of the offer. But they also remind pet owners if you are feeling sick, have someone else take care of your four-legged friend.

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