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Popular Breeds For Emotional Support

May 15, 2020

Finding emotional support can be as simple as spending time with the right dog breed. Dogs provide humans with unconditional love and companionship and can put a smile on your face no matter what you’re going through. If you need a little extra emotional support (and from time to time, who doesn’t?), consider finding it with one of these popular dog breeds for ESA’s.


The most popular breeds of retrievers are Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. Known for their patient and friendly natures, retrievers make exceptional emotional support animals. They’re also well suited as family pets.

German Shepherds:

These dogs are intelligent, eager to please, and enjoy engaging with their human friends. With enough training, they can thrive with humans in public spaces. German shepherds also want to have a job and do well as working dogs. The breed is loyal, easygoing and approachable.


With the appropriate training and attention, collies can give emotional support to people who need it. This dog is sensitive, peaceful, and intelligent. They appreciate a calm environment without loud voices or frequent tension. As herding dogs, collies are quite active and highly trainable.


By learning to socialize at a young age, Chihuahuas can give humans vital emotional support. Bring this small dog breed along for easy on-the-go travel. Chihuahuas don’t need much exercise and can be wonderful family pets when treated with respect.


Spaniels can provide emotional support because of their friendly temperaments. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, for example, loves to cuddle with humans and take pleasant strolls. This small to medium-sized breed has a silky coat and can be found in many colors, looking almost like a live stuffed animal.

Yorkshire Terriers:

Humans tend to report Yorkshire Terriers as being devoted but feisty creatures. This toy dog breed is a loving companion who wants plenty of attention. Anyone who wants to dote on a dog will appreciate this trait. Giving love to an emotional support animal can sometimes be even more healing than receiving it.


Corgis are highly trainable, intelligent, and affectionate. These comforting dogs need plenty of physical activity and mental exercise to be healthy. Corgis are playful, bold, and protective. They do well with adults and children of all ages.

Irish Wolfhounds:

The sensitive nature of the Irish Wolfhound helps him understand your feelings. This dog is a natural protector and very sweet-natured. Although Irish Wolfhounds are staggering in size, they can be cuddly as well. This easygoing dog can make you feel safer than ever.


Pugs get along particularly well with kids, but every age can benefit from their support. Pugs are energetic and cute, and with the proper training and socialization, you’ll also find that they are intelligent and sociable.

Great Danes:

This “gentle giant” is people-oriented and eager to please. A Great Dane’s height may be intimidating at first, but they get along with children and love humans in general. This dog is all heart. They’re reserved, love to play, and are devoted to their families.


Cheerful and affectionate dogs, beagles love to spend their days with people. Children and adults alike love this compact pup. These dogs are even-tempered, loyal, and happy-go-lucky. Beagles are also very active and can spend hours playing outdoors.


Poodles may be somewhat high maintenance, but they get along well with children. In addition to this, they have a longer lifespan than most dog breeds and easily adapt to different environments. Socialization is second nature to one of the cutest dog breeds around.

Great Pyrenees:

This exceptionally large dog is calm, smart, and patient. The Great Pyrenees is skilled at reducing human anxiety; the breed is patient, affectionate, and well-mannered. Adults and well-behaved children can generally make fast friends with this protective animal.

Consider enrolling him or her in obedience class, or ask a behaviorist any questions you may have. No matter what, be sure to treat your dog with the respect she deserves. She’ll be more likely to return your kindness with lots of doggy kisses and tail wagging.

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