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Therapy horses

April 29, 2020

First there were therapy dogs, and there are therapy horses.

Two of the On Eagles’ Wings Therapeutic Horsemanship in Fairmont brought two of their horses to visit the Morgantown Health and Rehabilitation Center Tuesday afternoon.

xecutive Director at On Eagles Wings, Carol Petitt explained that she was happy to see everyone on their feet and smiling, even if it was through a window.

“We let some time pass when the pandemic started, and I think we just started feeling more comfortable with that and you know, not concern a lot of people, including the ones who work at the nursing home,” Petitto explained.

Stormy and Toby are brother and sisters who typically visit nursing homes and school during stressful times, but took a break at the start of the pandemic. The sun came out, there was a break in the rain and employees at On Eagles’ Wings thought it was the perfect opportunity to make others smile, and where better during a pandemic than at a nursing home.

“I think it brought a smile to our faces, that we got out in the public and got to do something,” Petitto said. “It feels like there is a lot of loom and gloom right now, and we just want to try to being some sort of happiness to people, as much as we can right now.”

Stormy and Toby took two laps around the nursing home and everyone was up on their feet with smiles ear to ear. They even caught the attention of a few children stuck at home in the apartment right next to the nursing home.

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